Looking for a contractor to restore your driveway? We got you covered. Over the years not only has All Tar Services created many beautiful driveways but we have also restored many driveways as well. We offer a power-washing, sealing, pothole and block paving lift and relay service. We come fully equipped to restore your old driveway and bring it back to its former glory.

Our call out service is free so we can come out to give you an accurate and competitive quote on all your driveway restoration needs in Dublin.

We use high pressured steam power washers to help us remove existing grime, moss growth and discolouration on existing driveways. Once they have been cleaned off and restored back to its original base, we can then re-sand and seal the driveway for an extended period using our patented sealer. This helps to restore the colour of original paving while also protecting it from any future moss, discolouration or weed growth.

We can restore old slabbing back to its original condition and repoint the jointing with a fresh and patented enhanced jointing cement. Call now for more details.

We can re-seal existing tarmac driveways as well. Giving it back its original jet black finish and making it feel like a new driveway again.

Please feel free to call us 7 days a week if your interested in restoring your old tarmac driveway, paved driveway or slabbed patio area.


  • Power Washing

  • Paving Sealing

  • Paving Replacement

  • Tarmac Sealing

  • Tarmac Patching

  • Paving Smoothing

  • Re-pointing Slabs

  • Lift and Re-lay Slabs

  • Brickwork Pointing

Our skill and experience at designing and creating beautiful driveways and patios makes us the best choice for any restoration projects. All Tar Services, your friendly and local contractor for Dublin.